The 3rd Order is one of the orders of knights in the Gleivnir Kingdom.

Game DescriptionEdit

Cardinal Capehorn leads this, the smallest knight order. It mainly exist for strategizing, but has many great soldiers like Leonil, Aquina, and Yelma.

Tome DescriptionEdit

This is a hand-picked group of elite forces led by Cardinal Capehorn. Though small in number, members like Leonil, Aquina, and Yelma excel in battle. Very often, the order acts alone on solo missions. It is a controversial order because its movements are secretive and usually politically motivated.

Designer NotesEdit

"A small group with elite forces hand-picked by Cardinal Capehorn himself. They're quite the eccentric bunch that all have strong individualistic personalities." -Shinichi Ito


Capehorn Capehorn
Aquina Aquina Leonil Leonil
Yelma Yelma Alfred Alfred
Rosa Rosa Husrev Husrev
Yavuz Yavuz Grunval Grunval


3rd Order

The banner of the 3rd Order

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