The A Ankh is an Event Item in Riviera: The Promised Land. It is found in the Northern Catacombs in Mireno Cemetery and is guarded by the Disciples of Askus.

How to get: The A Ankh is found in the Northern Catacombs of Stage 5, on the spot marked "A" below. As with all other ankhs, obtaining it is preceded by a demon encounter.

[ ] [ ]-[ ]
 |   |
[ ]-[ ]-[ ]
    [ ]-[A]

Function: Manipulates the water level of the Underground Lake and grants +1 MGC to all party members.


An ankh found at Askus's grave. It is shaped like the letter "A."

An ankh shaped like Askus's "A." It is being offered in one of the shrines at Mireno.
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