Action PHASE (Act Phase) is a gameplay mechanic exclusive to Knights in the Nightmare. Toggling between the two is a very important, integral part of the gameplay; it can be done with the stylus, or by pressing the R button on the PSP version. There are two different Act Phases: Law (blue) and Chaos (red).

Switching between them changes the following:

  • Allied range and skills.
  • Items of defeated foes.
  • Gems of defeated foes.
  • Enemy attack patterns.

Note that most items can only be used during a certain phase, though there are some that can be used in both Law and Chaos.

Phase changing cannot be performed under the following conditions:

  • While holding an item.

Act FogEdit

Each time a Break Out! is used during either Act Phase, the fog becomes less dense. Meanwhile, however, the fog thickens in the opposite act. Thicker fog will yield more MP Gems for the use of skills, so if one is starving for MP, try switching the Act Phase and using normal attacks to farm MP Gems.

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