Alanjame (アランゼーム Aranzēmu?) is a Fantasinian courtier in his late forties who serves as one of Ordene's counselors; also the commander in chief of the Blessed Papal Army. Extremely hedonistic and desiring of power, he has been working behind the scenes to reduce the Artwaltz family's authority and rule Fantasinia from the shadows. Fifteen years ago when the twins were born, Alanjame ordered them assassinated for fear that a civil war might occur over which of them should succeed the throne; after discovering they still lived, he continued to send assassins after them. Alanjame intends to have Ordene killed, then use the sheltered Yggdra as his figurehead while he establishes control. For these reasons, he was one of the supporters of Bly's exile. He holds the rank of cardinal, and as the leader of a religious organization of assassins, he presents his goals as the will of God, going so far as to proclaim himself a deity, ruled by his own hubris and greed. He uses what Nessiah identifies as a knockoff of the Judgment Zero card which only Hector's test subjects are seen carrying. He is 163 cm tall and only appears in the B route and one optional battlefield in chapter 3.

He is voiced by Naomi Kusumi.


Blaze union-Alanjame's Theme-Victims of Avarice extended

Blaze union-Alanjame's Theme-Victims of Avarice extended