Alfred Alois Dias
"All that I do, I do in Yelma's name."
Knight of Aventheim
Title Unwavering Spear
Kana アルフレット=アル=ディアス
Romaji Arufuretto Aru Diasu
Japanese Name Alfred Al Diaz
Race Elvale
Sex Male
Age 22
Order 3rd
Unit Class Lance Knight
Element Darkness
Level 47
Encountered Scene 39
Item Black Grimoire
Route Maria

Alfred is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 47
VIT 33
L.I 36
C.I 78
LOY 27%


Sporting black armor, Alfred also has short, ebony hair and dark eyes.

Website DescriptionEdit

A man who works toward his goals, putting insignificant details aside. He is a dedicated and a zealous subordinate of Yelma, and it is said he is quite skilled with a lance.

Tome Description Edit

"He is a handsome and often idolized young man, and people have described his graceful fighting style as though he is dancing with his spear. Recently, though, his behavior has changed a lot. He seems to have little patience for anyone, with the exception of his undying loyalty to Yelma, which perplexes many."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Yelma, One Who Amazes: "Miss Yelma ordered me to keep post at the Dark Path."
  • On Yelma, One Who Amazes: "I wish I could better understand Miss Yelma..."
  • On Yelma, One Who Amazes: "My life for Miss Yelma."
  • On Yelma, One Who Amazes: "I dedicate my life to serve beneath her."
  • On Yelma, One Who Amazes: "Yelma...? How... How dare she! That foul witch!"
  • On Yelma, One Who Amazes: "It is my duty to stand guard by Miss Yelma."
  • On Yelma, One Who Amazes: "Without Yelma, where would I be?"
  • On Marion, An Insolent Girl: "I've heard some craven girl was spying on Yelma..."
  • On Marion, An Insolent Girl: "We must cut down the villains. That would do it."
  • On Grunval, One Not Needed: "How dare she return my words with such bite..."
  • On Lucana, A Boring Face: "I'm sorry, but I have no time to remember names."
  • On Lucana, A Boring Face: "As long as I am not disturbed, I care not."
  • On Merrick, An Indignant Girl: "She won't even look at me! The audacity!"
  • "I don't carry memories I have no need of."
  • "One doesn't need much in order to live."
  • "What... happened to me?"
  • "There is no need to fight to the death."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "It's just white paper..."


  • "You honestly believe I will help you? Very well then..."

Level Up:Edit

  • "I shall accept this with thanks..."
  • "Ha... How happy this makes me..."
  • "Are you sure you want to do me these favors?"
  • "You'll give me this power? Ha... Then I will have it."


  • "I see... There is only one who I truly serve..."
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