Algiery Merza Ectole
"I've lost my home and even my love... What is my purpose now?"
Knight of Aventheim
Title Devoted Guardian
Kana アリギエリ=ミルザ=エクトール
Romaji Arigieri Miruza Ekutōru
Japanese Name Alighierie Mirza Ector
Race Tiamat
Sex Female
Age 26
Order 6th
Unit Class Priestess
Element Darkness
Level 64
Encountered Scene 43
Item Lock of Hair
Route Both
Algiery, also known as Alighierie is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. She is a spy sent to seduce King Wilmgard, but she fell in love with him. She is the head of the 6th Order.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 64
VIT 17
L.I 100
C.I 38
LOY 57%

Website DescriptionEdit

The commander of the 6th Order, placed in this charge by King Wilmgard himself. She is exceptionally talented and known for her kindness, beauty, and speed. It is said she and the king were romantically involved.

Tome DescriptionEdit

"She is a compassionate and talented knight who climbed the ranks at an impressive speed. Her beauty and personality have helped her gain the trust of many of the knights, and she leads the 6th Order as fairly and justly as she knows how. Algiery’s love for the King drives her to succeed in everything she does, and she considers General Frabela to be a close friend.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Wilmgard, A Beloved One: "My heart's swaying scale slowly tilted toward him..."
  • On Wilmgard, A Beloved One: "I've lost my home and my love... What do I do?"
  • On Wilmgard, A Beloved One: "I tried to hide the remains of my horns and wings..."
  • On Alier, One to Protect: "I always thought she should be the one who ruled..."
  • On Frabela, A Close Friend: "Why was she so kind to a woman like me?"
  • On Frabela, A Close Friend: "Very smart, and quite pretty. She was my friend."
  • On Lucia, A Subordinate: "I wonder if Lucia still keeps that towel..."
  • On Belta, A Cunning One: "I feared her eyes. They pierced through my heart."
  • On Dahlia, A Subordinate: "I wonder how Dahlia and Carena are doing..."
  • On Ansela, A Subordinate: "She told me our lord's generals were missing..."
  • On Azhan, A Great Master: "I believe he accounted for death in his plans."
  • "I remember the first spring I saw at the castle..."
  • "In the distant past, we lived in the light too..."
  • "I know my actions were beyond forgiveness...."
  • "I am betraying someone no matter what... It pains me."
  • "I am not the one to judge my actions as a betrayal..."
  • "We should rule with our hearts, not our swords."
  • "Seeing my comrades die for the mission is difficult..."
  • "Why haven't the heavens planted enough seeds here?"
  • "I hope desperately that their deaths have meaning."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • On Wilmgard, A Beloved One: "This presence... No... It can't be..."
  • On Wilmgard, A Beloved One: "I've wanted to see you... Your... Highness..."


  • "My wish to serve you once more has been granted."

Level Up:Edit

  • "Thank you... for your love."
  • "I will serve you with all that I am..."
  • "If even someone like me can be made useful..."
  • "I hope that now I can be of a little more use..."


  • "My heart breaks... But m-my love... shall never falter."

Dying in battle:Edit

  • "I wanted to feel your arms around me... once... more."


  • If offered: "If this is how I can be of use to you..."





  • Algiery + Frabela
  • Algiery + Enite

Family/Loved OnesEdit

  • King Wilmgard (love interest)
  • Frabela (dear friend)


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