Gungnir Character
Romaji Arissa
Kana アリッサ
Nation Gargania
Sex Female
Race Daltan
Age 16 -> 18
Class Royal
Weapon Lance, Wand

Alissa is the main heroine of Gungnir. Alissa is a timid sixteen-year-old Daltan girl who is rescued by Giulio from slave traffickers wishing to sell her in another country. Her exact lineage is shrouded in mystery, but she is implied to be nobility of some sort; Alissa herself prefers not to draw attention to her heritage. She begins the story as a non-player character, but eventually gains the will to fight, and is said to be hard-headed when it comes to doing what she believes is right. Official artwork depicts her wielding a massive lance with a pink flower motif; her unit class is Royal and her secondary weapon is the staff.

In Scene 08, Alissa's true identity is revealed by Pierre, the governor of the East as Princess Alesandra Delacroix, heir to the Empire of Gargania. She is protected by both Sir Robertus Raymont, the leader of the Imperial Knights and his daughter Natalia Raymont.  


Alissa has straight long blonde hair and green eyes. She wears lacy pink gown and red hooded long cape.



Alissa's theme is "Alissa's Theme" (アリッサのテーマ Arissa no Tēma)

Gungnir OST - Alissa's Theme

Gungnir OST - Alissa's Theme