Angel's Bell (天使のベル Tenshi no beru?), also known as Angel Bell, is a recurring item in Dept. Heaven franchise.

The Angel's Bell is an Event Item found in Riviera: The Promised Land that is available only in Chapter 1 - Angelic Advent.

  • Acquirement Method: Found in Heaven's Gate, Stone Lattice, in the room marked X below.
   [ ]-[ ]>
[ ]-[ ]-[X]

Go into Look Mode and the event to obtain the item should begin automatically; complete the Minigame to receive the Angel's Bell.

  • Function: Does nothing.

Angel Bell is a Key Item related to Melad Margus, the final boss of Maria's story in Knights in the Nightmare. It is found in Scene 31 after breaking the bridge across lava on the stage's lower level.

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