Aran Doll is an item that has appeared in several entries of the Dept. Heaven series.

The Aran Doll is an Event Item in Riviera: The Promised Land. It is found in the maze of the Wiese Forest. Most of the girls find this doll to be distasteful, but Cierra is particularly fond of it. Keeping it will please her but disappoint the others, while tossing it has the opposite effect. In Elendia, Molan will also like the doll and ask if she can have it. Giving it to her will cost Cierra's trust, so keep that in mind. This item is a great contribution to those who aim to achieve Rose's ending.

The Aran Doll made a return in Yggdra Union.

Lasts Forever
Equip All
Effect [X] Can't remove
Location BF23

No units gain Morale from this item.

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