Asgard High Servant

"Is this the work of the fallen one?"

The leader of the Asgard Servants who are sent to thwart the Royal Army's advance towards Asgard. He and his men were also sent by Hector to test #367's capabilities and her Diviner. He has an arrogant air about him and seems to think of himself highly as he belittles the Royal Army as "lowly humans" (which greatly annoys Milanor). He and his subordinates refer to Nessiah as "The Fallen One". He is noted for his insistence on using #367 in battle prematurely despite the protests of his subordinates. When it starts to appear that #367 might lose, he started to push #367 beyond her limit in order to increase her strength. He is a PSP-exclusive character and appears only in battlefield 49 if the player manages to defeat Marietta in hard mode.




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