Asgard Servant 2
Asgard Servant

"T-that power...........That's not of the world below.....! How does she have it?"

Soldiers who serve the Seven Magi. They are led by the High Servant and are sent to intercept the Royal Army's advancement towards Asgard and to test #367's capabilities and her Diviner. One of them showed reluctance in crossing arms with the Royal army as he acknowledges the fact that Yggdra and company managed to defeat the archangel Marietta and sensed the great power emanating from Yggdra's Gran Centurio. He and the High Servant refer to Nessiah as "The Fallen One". He is also noted for not approving to unleash #367's full power as he seems to be uncertain of its stability, effect and outcome on #367. They are a PSP-exclusive character and appear only in battlefield 49 if the player manages to defeat Marietta in hard mode.