Assassin (アサシン Asashin?) is a class appearing in Yggdra Union and Gungnir.


Woman armed with a claw and crossbow in each hand. Their skill "Bloody Claw" kills enemies mercilessly!

Assassins are professional killers, armed with a claw and a crossbow in each hand. Their weapon affinity is that of a bow, making them useful against units with the rod weapon affinity, but ineffective against units wielding a sword, axe or spear. During an aggressive assault, an assassin's attacks against their enemies gain dark elemental damage like that of a Necromancer.

When this unit performs an assault, their enemies cannot counterattack against them, which gives assassins an advantage over their enemies. In turn however, assassins cannot counterattack when assaulted by enemies. Their signature skill is Bloody Claw, which makes assassins even deadlier during the night day cycle. As a bow user, assassins can be used as aces for the tactics card Thunderbolt and Medusa Eye.


The assassin class leans more towards heavy offense, and does not play very well defensively unless Bloody Claw is used efficiently. Nevertheless, this class has a few great abilities.

  • Night ☺ - This class becomes exceedingly powerful during the night time, in contrast to their Hunter counterpart. In addition, their weapon weakness is removed.
  • Void Dark - Negates damage from Dark-based skills and attacks.



Assassins have abysmal GEN and sub-par ATK, but compensate for them with their amazing TEC and LUK stats.

  • Size: Small
  • Move: Walk
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Formation: Plus (+)


Her strength lies in quick movements and the ability to inflict a wide variety of status effects upon targets. While not doing as much pure damage, useful ailments such like poison, sleep, and frozen will prove to be very useful tactics.

Units of this class boast superb agility. Assassins can strike quickly and often, with low Delay penalties for movement and attack, making them ideal at responding to enemy attacks on your base. They are skilled in close combat but their constitution leaves much to be desired, so it is best to use Assassins for hit-and-run strategies.

List of AssassinsEdit

Name Fire Water Earth Air Specialty Number Description
Elaine -1 0 -2 +3 Coming Soon She has the mark of a great assassin.
Eleanor +3 -1 -3 +1 III This assassin thinks fast and acts slowly.
Frabela +1 0 0 -1 IV Very quick and clever. Don't let her get hit.
Vishna -1 +3 -2 0 II An everyday assassin. Handy on the spot.
Minotta -2 -1 +3 0 III A poor strategist, but her vitality is strong.
Rolenta 0 0 +3 -3 III Her vitality is good enough for the frontline.

Notable AssassinsEdit

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