Aura Aurora Hertz
Basic info
Kana アウラ=アローナ=ハーツォーク
Romaji Aura Arōna Hātsōku
Location Scene 17
Key Item Stuffed Bear

Aura (アウラ Aura?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. She is the niece of Josef, an officer in the 2nd Order.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Josef, A Kind Uncle: "I wonder if my uncle can't come home any more..."
  • On Josef, A Kind Uncle: "I've only seen my Uncle Josef in pictures..."
  • On Josef, A Kind Uncle: "He sometimes sends me letters under an alias."
  • On Josef, A Kind Uncle: "I hope he can come home someday..."
  • On Maimi, A Good Friend: "Sometimes I'm jealous of Maimi's house..."
  • On Maimi, A Good Friend: "Shopping is the most fun when I go with Maimi."
  • On Maimi, A Good Friend: "She loves cute clothes. I like simple ones."
  • On Baltar, A Good Friend: "Maimi's father is a knight of the court."
  • On Belinda, A Sweets Shop: "Ms. Belinda's cookies are the best in the world."
  • On Jorgen, A Private Tutor: "I'd like Mr. Jorgen to tutor me, but..."
  • On Orlando, A Teacher: "I live near my teacher, so we talk a lot."
  • On Ephram, A Pretty Boy: "A handsome boy won a violin competition."
  • On Melfi, A Farm Girl: "I hear the livestock by the lake are missing..."
  • "What's going on...? It happened so fast..."
  • "I need Grandfather's permission to go anywhere."
  • "There are many nice men, but grandfather... *sigh*"
  • "I've been writing down my feelings into a journal."
  • "...I'm troubled..."
  • "I'm not allowed to talk to my friends for very long."
  • "Did they lose touch with the squad from the west?"
  • "I could see the dust cloud from the big explosion..."
  • "There are healing herbs near the Depths of Torment."
  • "I could see the dust cloud from the big explosion..."
  • "Grandfather is worried of me... I know."
  • "I heard the castle is in chaos right now..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "My grandfather gave me a giant stuffed animal."
  • "Grandfather must think I'm still a child..."
  • "If I were more dependable, maybe he'd understand..."
  • "I must become a woman my grandfather can respect."
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