Banango (バナナンの実 Bananan no Mi?) is a recurring item in the Dept. Heaven series.

In Riviera: The Promised Land, they are only found in Tetyth, and can be eaten to restore HP. One is obtained by pulling a rope, another is in a barrel that needs to be smashed with the Hammer, and the final one is obtained by stepping on 'O' in a question trap.

Skill DataEdit

Eat Stats
Type Support
Power N/A
Hits 1
Accuracy 0%
Base Wait 35
Variance 0%
Target Self
Effects Heal 50% HP
Skill Level Level 0
Overskill Banana Slugger (Lina only)
Skill Up 2 (Lina only)

Quotes Edit

Cierra: 'It's such an exotic fruit.'

Fia: 'It's very sweet♥'

Lina (with Fia):'Lina wants some, too...'

Lina: 'Yay♪ *chomp*'

Serene: 'I'm starving♪ *chomp*'

Lina (with Serene):'Hey, that's Lina's snack!'

Returns in Yggdra Union as an edible stat buffing item; increases Luck (LUK) by 1 full star when consumed.

Morale RestorationEdit

Yggdra 4000
Milanor 2000
Durant 2000
Nietzsche 4000
Roswell 6000
Rosary 2000
Russell 2000
Cruz 1000
Elena 3000
Kylier 3000
Gordon 2000
Mistel 2000
Pamela 1000

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