is a special Lv. 3 Over Skill that Fia gains through Skill Up with the Rosary. It targets all opponents and will expel them instantly from battle if it hits. The Rosary that was used for the attack will be lost afterward. WT: 75

Does not work on bosses.


Fia: 'Now is the time to unleash the sacred power within!'

Fia: 'Evil ones begone! Banish!'


  • Banishment has the highest number of normal skill uses required to obtain: 15.
  • This skill functions differently in the PSP version. In the GBA version, Banishment is treated as a normal attacking hit and will hit for 0 damage before the instant-kill; though it lacks the XAvoid property, this skill has extreme innate accuracy (220%) so it can only be blocked or miss under special circumstances, such as Fia being Dazzled. This is presumably because only two special properties can be assigned to each attack, and the attack already has ITEM-LOS (destroys all uses of the item) and VANISH (instant death). In the PSP version, Banishment is not treated as an attacking hit, and never fails.