BF05 Lorca Lakeside

The Imperial Army's patrols in the Orlando region were crippled by the loss of their supply depots to the Royal Army's attacks.

The Royal Army had no more worries of pursuers, but Yggdra knew that retrieving the Kingdom from the Empire would be hopeless via the southern front.

In order to increase their chances, the Royal Army headed to the Sovereignty of Embellia, home of the Undines, who had been the Kingdom's allies for many ages. However, as they reached Lorca Lakeside, on the border of Embellia, their hopes seemed lost...

Upon arrival at Lake Lorca on the border of Embellia, the Royal Army witnesses a brutal attack on helpless villagers by Undine soldiers. Negotiation proving futile, they sortied in order to deal with the aggressors.


BF05 Conditions



  • If Yggdra or Milanor dies...
  • If you use up all your cards...


This is a quick and straightforward BF compared to the previous two. By now, Durant's Paladin Lance will have expired; if it has been obtained, now would be the ideal time to equip the Fur Coat on him. Yggdra stands no chance against the Undines, especially since they will be engaged while they're on water tiles. Ishiene, the boss, is not much of a threat to Milanor (and Durant IF the Fur Coat is equipped); she will leave the water and position herself on the village if it is not being occupied, so it is recommended to allow this. The towns on this map yield nothing, so there is no incentive to visit them.

It should also be noted that the Undine soldiers will drop Medallions upon their deaths; they will also drop them en mass if Ishiene is defeated. Taking down Ishiene quickly or milking the soldiers for experience is up to the player.

Enemy ForceEdit

Undines [3]Edit

Stats GEN ATK TEC LUK Morale
1, 8 2 2, 7 2, 3 1500
Abilities Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4 Power Up Pts
[O] Water ☻ [O] Void Ice [X] Sand :( [X] < Fire 40

Boss DataEdit

Ishiene 1

Equipped with Ice Javelin, which makes her quite powerful. Pow. Up 120 pts.

Ishiene is not much of a problem to Milanor or even Durant if he's packing the Fur Coat. Let her leave the water so that she does not benefit from the massive damage reduction it provides (+50 terrain bonus). As always, Milanor is the only one that can get the Ice Javelin, so be sure to let him finish her off. It's recommended to get it now, else she will return with it on Battle Field 07, resulting in the loss of a chance to get the Brave Ring.

Stats GEN ATK TEC LUK Morale
2, 1 2, 5 2, 7 3, 3 3600/3600
Abilities Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4 Equipment
[O] Water ☺ [O] Void Ice [X] Sand :( [X] < Fire [O] Ice attack UP


After Ishiene retreats, the Royal Army is praised by the villagers for their rescue, but are left with questions as to why the Undines suddenly became so aggressive. They press onward to the Water Capital, having lost all hope of garnering reinforcements from them. The card Blizzard is acquired from clearing this Battle Field.

MVP Quick Clear: 7 TurnsEdit