Beat is a tactical mechanic used in Gungnir; it allows for a unit to attack alongside properly positioned allies during a single action. Several conditions must be met to activate Beat attacks.

The use of Beat requires Tactics Points; the stronger the attack, the greater the amount. Ally units must be aligned with the targeted unit, meaning they must be within any of the four lines surrounding the target; positioned north, south, east, or west of the target (+ shape). The range is not unlimited, however, but the amount of Bases under ally control will increase the range for which allies may partake. Closer units will generally take priority in these attacks.

Pressing the Select button in the Beat menu will allow the player to manually control how it will play out. This allows for flexiblility, as the player will be able to actively control damage output and additional effects; manual control allows for one to limit the amount of Tactics Points that it will consume.