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Belinda Anderson
Belinda portrait 2.jpg
Basic info
Kana ベリンダ=アンダーソン
Romaji Berinda Andāson
Race Nestico
Location Scene 8
Key Item Flour

Belinda (ベリンダ Berinda?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:[]

  • On Johanna, A Knight Regular: "Joanna always buys nut cookies."
  • On Johanna, A Knight Regular: "I think she likes cookies that are big on taste."
  • On Johanna, A Knight Regular: "Knights need cookies too. Some are regulars!"
  • On Diora, A Knight Regular: "I make oatmeal nut cookies especially for her."
  • On Diora, A Knight Regular: "Diora seems to like cookies that are less sweet."
  • On Aura, A Little Girl: "The man with her was worried about the cookies."
  • On Nordich, A Familiar Face: "Someone who resembled the prince bought some cookies."
  • On Filmier, A Church Nun: "A nun came in and bought a lot of cookies recently."
  • On Frabela, A Young General: "General or not, she's a girl. She like sweets."
  • On Melfi, A Farm Girl: "Melfi always comes to buy jam cookies on Sundays."
  • "It's my job to learn my customers' preferences."
  • "It's so much fun thinking up new cookie flavors."
  • "My cookies are gone by the afternoon. I'm so glad."
  • "The price of flour and butter is going up..."
  • "I don't think the Tiamats dislike sweets either."
  • "Don't worry, I use natural ingredients in my cookies."
  • "A little Kokori jam... Then a dash of Perrine..."
  • "Nothing makes me happier than a happy customer."
  • "I treat my regulars to a little extra something."
  • "Not even monsters could withstand fresh cookie."
  • "I make all the cookies in my store myself."

Using Key Item:[]

  • "This is... pretty good flour."
  • "Some cookies are seasonal because of the fruit."
  • "I don't use expensive ingredients... just love."
  • "I hope everyone enjoys the cookies I made for my kids."