Black Earring is a support item that appears in Riviera: The Promised Land. This item can be obtained in the Moonlit Courtyard of Lacrima Castle. Not to be confused with Earring.

According to Cierra's dialogue when she equips them, the earring is shaped like a cat and 'looks just like Gateau'.

Skill DataEdit

The HeroinesEdit

  • Wear: Boosts accuracy to 100% (guaranteed hit rate) and boosts MGC by 20 temporarily. WT: 25


Throw Stats
Type Physical Attack
Power 2
Hits 1
Accuracy 90%
Base Wait 35
Variance 0%
Target Random Enemy A
Effects Damage is fixed on 2
Skill Level 0
Overskill N/A

Quotes Edit

Lina: 'Aww, how cute♪ A kitty!'

Cierra:'Huh? These earrings are shaped like a black cat. It looks just like Gateau'

Rose: '(… … … …)'

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