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The Bloody Rose (ブラッディローズ Buraddirōzu?) is a club-like weapon that has appeared in most episodes of the Dept. Heaven series. It was first introduced as the personal weapon of Kylier in Yggdra Union, and has gone on to reappear in all subsequent episodes.

In Yggdra Union, the Bloody Rose is the signature weapon of Kylier.

GEN +4
TEC +4
LUK None
Lasts Forever
Equip Kylier only
Effect [O] Power 25% UP
Location Locked to Kylier

Morale Recover[]

Yggdra 0000
Milanor 0000
Durant 0000
Nietzsche 0000
Roswell 0000
Rosary 0000
Russell 0000
Cruz 0000
Elena 1000
Kylier 5000
Gordon 0000
Mistel 3000
Pamela 0000

Bloody Rose is a mace in Knights in the Nightmare.

Bloody Rose
Type Priestess
Element Fire
Level 52
Law Attack Ashen Ray -> Cinder Ray
Chaos Attack Star's Call -> Star's Fury
Effect 1 35
Effect 2 01
Effect 3 32

Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Ashen Ray -> Cinder Ray 294 16 4704
Chaos Star's Call -> Star's Fury 722 8 5776


  • Weapon Type: Hammer
  • Grade: 2 Stars
  • Affinity: Fire


  • Base Power: 126
  • Main Action II: Foot Crusher (N)
  • Main Action III: Crisis Slash (N)
  • Main Action IV: Coming Soon
  • Beat: Shieldless



  • Category: 2-hand weapon
  • Capacity Requirement: 37
  • Units: Brute only.

Monetary Value[]

  • Price: 7,200
  • Sell Value: 3,600


  • This weapon's type differs greatly from game to game.
    • In Yggdra Union, it's an axe that can only be used by Kylier.
    • In KitN, it's a mace used by the magic-wielding Priestess class.
    • In Gungnir it falls into the hammer category and can only be wielded by Brutes.