Bly (ブライ Burai?) is a non-playable character in Yggdra Union. He is a crotchety old hermit living in the Lenessey Mountains with his granddaughter, Mistel. Bly was once a famous tactician in the employ of Yggdra's grandfather and then her father, but he was exiled after a court scandal.

When King Ordene asked Bly what he would do should he (Ordene) become corrupt, Bly answered honestly that he would be rid of him. This declaration was exaggerated by the king's retainers, and they reacted violently to it; it was perceived as a threat to the king, giving them justification to drive him out of the kingdom. Despite the fact that he and his family were exiled from Fantasinia, Bly still seems to remenisce on Ordene fondly and shows regret that he couldn't support the king.

He still considers Baldus his rival, as the two often fought on opposite sides of wars in their youth and Baldus was the only man who could ever see through Bly's plans.

Bly is the first character to speak to Yggdra objectively about the situation before the war, and is the only character not from Bronquia who acknowledges that Gulcasa saved his people from a hated tyrant. He is voiced by Haramaki Kouji and is a PSP-exclusive character.



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