Вrawny F. Bathues
Brawny KitN portrait
Basic info
Kana ブラウニー=F.バドヒューズ
Romaji Buraunī F. Badohyūzu
Location Scene 17
Key Item Pipe

Brawny (ブラウニー Buraunī?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. He is Freiber and Annalot's steward. He treats them just like family.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • "I'm not very good at teaching things to people."
  • On Freiber, A Client: "Freiber will not see his daughter humiliated..."
  • On Freiber, A Client: "His need for my services was pathetically desperate."
  • On Annalot, A Client's Child: "I hear Annalot has grown up nicely."
  • On Annalot, A Client's Child: "She pushes herself too far... like her father."
  • On Annalot, A Client's Child: "She gets her clumsiness from her father, too."
  • On Lillian, An Innocent Girl: "I'm told Annalot has a friend she can trust."
  • On Orlando, A Great Teacher: "I don't know anyone with the depth of Orlando."
  • On Jorgen, A Great Teacher: "Jorgen changes any student who can't behave."
  • On Sven, A Town Artist: "Sven's atelier is always stands out here."
  • On Jester, A Truth-Speaker: "We need optimistic words like that sometimes."
  • On Jester, A Truth-Speaker: "I hear that the truth lurks behind his jokes..."
  • On Norberg, A Great Butler: "I wish my butler was as shrewd as that one."
  • On Bonita, A Private Tutor: "I hear some knights have studied under Jorgen."
  • "People are restless about Lake Noir's cloudy water."
  • "The lines are drawn. I'll say only what I need to."
  • "There is truth in that which cannot be seen."
  • "Most of my friends have met their ends..."
  • "Find more experiences. Truths will be made clear."
  • "To live peacefully is to grow old quickly."
  • "Is this karma of some sort...?"
  • "Young people these days are so useless."
  • "Everyone underestimates me."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I enjoy smoking a pipe in the quiet of night."
  • "I never tire of watching the smoke ebb forth..."
  • "It is quite leisurely to smoke."
  • "The form of this pipe is truly exquisite."
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