Break Out! is an element that appears commonly throughout the Dept. Heaven series. The context of this term is dynamic and depends largely on the title in question, but a Break Out! is essentially a special move.

Break Outs first appeared in Riviera: The Promised Land. When a player character uses an Over Skill of Lv. 1 or Lv. 2, it is considered a Break Out!. For enemies such as demons, Break Out! is their ultimate move, triggered when their Rage Meter hits its peak. This variation is more-or-less the demons' equivalent to a Lv. 3 Over Skill. Each class of demon has its own Break Out!, each with unique properties. All non-generic bosses have unique Break Out! skills.


  • Random barrage attack on party members.
  • Hits the entire party with ice and has a high freeze %
  • Multi-hits back row with Lightning; causes Wait +20
  • Strikes the nearest target for physical damage; damage increases the lower the user's HP.
  • Attacks the front row physically, pushing them back and switching the party's formation.
  • A wave attack that strikes the entire party, inflicting physical damage.
  • Randomly targets party members and inflicts dark damage.
  • Hits a target for massive Lightning damage.
  • Hits rapidly with ice magic.
  • Attacks with a combo that uses previous element.
  • Inflicts dark damage on entire party; the total damage inflicted heals the demons equally..
  • Hits entire party with a Dark attack and can cause poison
  • Cuts the current HP of the entire party in half.
  • An all-hitting kamakaze attack that inflicts fire dmg
  • Blows the party to another room, ending the battle.
  • Targets a character in back row for fire dmg; causes Heat.
  • Shoots lasers at random foes which may freeze.
  • A flurry of leaves that may induce sleep.
  • Inflicts fire damage on the whole party.
  • Multi-hitter that targets random characters and adds Wait.
  • A Dark-based combo that may cause poison
  • An elementless explosion that hits all enemies.
  • Shoots randomly with Lightning element
  • Hits entire party for great damage.
  • A storm that inflicts damage and switches up the location of each character.


  • A Physical attack that hits entire party and causes Purify (Attack)
  • Used only in Lacrima Castle
  • Ledah's Break Out! A fire-based combo attack.
  • Excessive damage to entire party.
  • Hits all; unavoidable; unblockable; Dark element; ignore properties
  • Multi-hitter that changes according to Hector's element.
  • Dark attack that barrages random characters and ignore properties.
  • Lightning attack that barrages random characters and can Dazzle
  • A Dark-based magical attack that hits the whole party (Magic)
  • Used only after Ledah has Awakened; has a Purify effect.
  • Deals ice type damage and focuses on the furthest character.
  • Stronger version of Trie, plus a Purify effect.

The AccursedEdit

  • A multi-hitting fire attack that inflicts massive damage on the party.
  • A strong physical attack that focuses more on the back row.
  • A strong ice attack that hits the party and has a high freeze rate.
  • Strikes entire party with powerful lightning; chance of inflicting purify.
  • Dark-type Skill that hits a random character; posions (Normal)
  • Stronger than its counterpart, with an HP sap property (Cardinal)

Dark ProgenitorsEdit

  • Dark Aghart's Break Out!
  • Dark Isher's Break Out!
  • Dark Lindwurm's Break Out!
  • Dark Angel's Break Out!
  • Dark Death's Break Out!

Returning in Yggdra Union, each Card Skill activation is considered a Break Out!.

In Knights in the Nightmare a Break Out! occurs when an activated knight uses a skill, fully charged or not.

Break Out! returns once more in Gungnir. When any unit on the field uses a skill of any kind, it is considered a Break Out!, subverting the significance of the term into something less special.

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