Brongaa's Resurrection

Feared as the almighty "Dragon of Purgatory", Brongaa is an ancient dragon of immense power, capable of bringing about the destruction of the world in hell fire. Brongaa has two known descendants: Gulcasa, and Emilia. In Yggdra Union, Gulcasa attempted to resurrect his terrifying ancestor by using Yggdra herself as a sacrifice in the ritual at Galleon Prison, but she was rescued by the Royal Army. There is an alternate ending in which Gulcasa sucessfully manages to reawaken Brongaa, bringing about the destruction of society. It occurs if the player fails to defeat Gulcasa before he reaches a certain point.


  • There's a fan rumor that the Dragon Zombie in Riviera: The Promised Land is the remains of Brongaa.
  • Somewhat humorously, Yggdra's Army can apparently force Asgard to its knees, yet they don't seem capable of defeating a single, albeit god-like dragon.
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