In Riviera: The Promised Land, a glitch can cause the magnitude of a stat boost to be replaced by another, allowing for extreme or ineffectual stat boosts depending on the items used.

Each character can only have up to two stat boosts active at a time. Items that provide two stat boosts will apply the boosts in a certain order specific to the item in question. If the player attempts to give a character three stat boosts, the first active stat boost will be replaced by the second in line. However, an error in the game's coding causes the magnitude of the first stat boost to remain active when it is replaced by the effect of second boost. This can allow for otherwise impossible stat changes such as up to +60 of a stat. Some boosts such as accuracy or status resistance boosts are binary ("yes/no") and have a magnitude of 0, so using the glitch with these boosts can result in a purposeless boost of 0 to the stat that replaces it.

Riviera The Promised Land Stat boost magnitude glitch

Riviera The Promised Land Stat boost magnitude glitch

In this example, the characters first used the Fire Emblem (+60 fire resistance). Serene then casts Shining Star (+3 REC, +6 AGI to all). The REC boost overrides the fire resistance boost but retains the magnitude of 60, resulting in final boosts of +60 REC (60% HP recovery a turn) and + 6 AGI.

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