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Burn is a status effect introduced in Yggdra Union PSP.

Burn appears to be a softened version of the Poison status effect, as it reduces 10% of the afflicted unit's morale at the beginning of their turn, with no other significant side effects in battle. Burned units glow red in battle. The skill Flame can burn the opponent if it lands successfully, even if the opponent voids the Fire Element.

In Knights in the Nightmare, burn changes the enemy's element to fire and prevents regen recovery. In addition, all current regen converts into permanent damage.

Burn returned in Gungnir as an ailment commonly induced by fire-type skills. It behaves similarly to the poison ailment in that the unit steadily loses 1% of their health over time, but there is no item that cures it. Moving a burned unit into water instead should remedy the burn.

Additional EffectsEdit

  • Burn will spread via knockback if the attacked unit is knocked into an adjacent one.
  • If a burned unit uses a skill that lets them pass through their target, the target will acquire the burn as a side effect.

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