Cardinal Capehorn
"The light of our kingdom cannot be extinguished. Not yet."
KitN Boss
Class Cardinal
HP (Easy) 18450
HP (Medium) 36900
HP (Hard) 73800
HP (Nightmare) {{{hp4}}}
EXP 850000
Level 81
Move Ground
Key Item Calamity Tome
Encountered Scene 29
Bullet I Vandalize
Bullet II Malediction

Capehorn (ケイプホーン=ミルザ=ルキウス Keipuhōn Miruza Rukiusu?) is the antagonist in Knights in the Nightmare. He is the Cardinal of the Gleivnir Kingdom and Piche's grandfather. He is also the head of the 3rd Order. Capehorn is fought in Scene 29.

Website DescriptionEdit

An ambitious man who holds the position of chief vassal to the kingdom. He has abundant knowledge, aptitude in battle, and tactical prowess.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Piche, His Grandchild: "Oh, Piche... You are my one regret in the world..."
  • On Wilmgard, One To Destroy: "I will not let some king defeat me! I cannot lose!"
  • On Zolgonark, Those He Commands: "Zolgonark was... I was only a pawn all this time."
  • On Marietta, The Meddling One: "If only that angel from Asgard had not come..."
  • "I will destroy it all, and start the world anew!"
  • "This world needs to be remade for the good of all!"
  • "I will take the entire world with me..."
  • "I will create a new order, without gods or demons!"
  • "For my own sublime purposes..."
  • "I will not die alone!"
  • "The Rule of this world is wrong. Why let it continue?"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Where did I go wrong?"
  • "I am only trying to make everything right..."
  • "I must make the world right..."
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