Carena Yiel Eh Ceres
"Try as hard as you like. You'll never be able to defeat raw talents."
Knight of Aventheim
Title Scion of the Night
Kana カレナ=イール=エ=サレス
Romaji Karena Īru E Seresu
Japanese Name Carena Hire et Salles
Race Amartia
Sex Female
Age 23
Order 6th
Unit Class Priestess
Element Darkness
Level 42
Encountered Scene 39
Item Silver Star
Route Maria
Carena is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 42
VIT 35
L.I 59
C.I 44
LOY 39%

Website DescriptionEdit

She works in earnest to become a stronger knight, but at the same time she cannot help her jealousy of those who have more natural talent than her.

Tome DescriptionEdit

"Although she works hard to be the best, she tends to get jealous of others' abilities very easily. Because of this, she sometimes leaves a bad impression on others. Carena looks up to Lisbet and Rosa, and she secretly envies the enormous amounts of praise that Belta receives."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Belta, One to Be Envied: "No effort in the world can overcome natural talent."
  • On Rosa, A Cheerful Girl: "I never would have guessed she was a priestess."
  • On Rosa, A Cheerful Girl: "She's cheerful to the point that I envy her optimism."
  • On Sacchito, A Suspicious One: "I saw a shadowy figure dragging a coffin..."
  • On Sacchito, A Suspicious One: "I saw someone dragging a coffin... Who was it for?"
  • On Sacchito, A Suspicious One: "I... I should track her down. I can't just sit still."
  • On Lisbet, Life's Mentor: "Lisbet told me I don't have to keep straining myself."
  • On Darshan, A Shy Person: "I've heard Darshan has some hidden abilities."
  • On Vishna, A Skilled General: "General Vishna is renowned for her shrewd tactics."
  • On Piche, A Ranking Child: "Piche must be happy to have someone like Rosa around."
  • On Wilmgard, A King Now Passed: "A coffin... The king's? No, that's impossible."
  • "Maybe I am pushing myself too hard..."
  • "I need to find a way to improve my strengths."
  • "Basturk carries the burden of loneliness within him."
  • "To be so envious... I'm sad that I feel this way."
  • "The wind sounds eerie here. Almost like it's crying."
  • "I didn't know there was a path here..."
  • "I can't tell where I am, but I can sense power..."
  • "This doesn't feel like a place humans would live..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I was happy then..."
  • "This is my treasure."


  • "Please allow me to help!"

Level Up:Edit

  • "I feel like my strength is opening up new paths..."
  • "Please, deploy me!"
  • "I'm going to work hard!"
  • "Wow, I'm very grateful!"


  • "Why!? What did I do wrong!?"