Carozza Prison (カロッツァ流刑地 Karotsa ryukeichi?, Carozza Penal Colony) is a location in Gungnir. It is a Garganian prison for political dissidents. It is here that Amarette and her allies are sent after the purge of Republic Faction.

After Esperanza establish their base in Maleca Village, they are advised by Harold against a direct march on Victrion Stronghold or Daltania, due to the recent arrests which demoralized many of their potential supporters in the imperial capital. Instead, the chief directs them to look for aid with Carozza's prisoners first. On the way, they meet and join forces with Valerie Brighid, the de facto Republican leader who gladly seizes the opportunity to rescue her allies.

At the time Esperanza goes to war, the control of Carozza is given to Bacchus, a former republican who sided with the royalist faction.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Carozza Prison is liberated in Scene 07.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The prison was built in the barren country north of Victrion Stronghold, surrounded by a canyon that cuts off all escape to the west and miles of uninhabited lands to the north and east.

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