There are many spells in Gungnir that take time to be cast. Such spells are linked to rods, great swords, and grimoires, and often have a large blast radius. Some healing spells such as those that heal multiple units within range also require casting time. The spell will be cast when the timer reaches zero (0).


  • Because some spells take time to take effect, it is important for the player to ensure that those targeted cannot escape the danger zone. Using Boosts and/or equipment that shortens the incantation of a magic spell can help for both offense and healing support.
  • Pay attention to the Wait time in the Action Sequence at the bottom of the screen; try to prioritize those whose wait is greater than the time it will take for the spell to be cast.
  • Using moves with knockback to knock foes into range can be a great way to rack up some serious damage. You can also use enemy casting against them by knocking an enemy unit into the range of one of their own casters.
    • On the topic of knockback, using a move with said ability on a casting unit will mess up their incantation, canceling the spell and wasting their turn. Enemies can and will use this to their advantage, so should you!
  • An enemy caster's blast zone will be highlighted by moving the cursor over them and selecting them with X. Use this information to get your units out of the way in time and avoid straying into the radius.
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