The Catastrophe is a spear-type weapon that has appeared in more than one episode.

Leon's demonic spear that buries everything in darkness.

In Yggdra Union, Catastrophe appeared as a lance that originally belonged to General Leon. This demonic spear greatly augments its wielder's combat abilities.

GEN +6
TEC +4
LUK +2
Lasts 1 Map
Equip Durant only
Effect [O] Dark attack UP
Location BF16, on Leon

No unit gains Morale from this item.

Catastrophe (闇のカタストロフ Yami no Katasutorofu?) (Catastrophe of Darkness in Japanese) is a weapon in Knights in the Nightmare.

Type Lance Knight
Element Darkness
Level 12
Law Attack Purgatory Stab
Chaos Attack Hell March
Effect 1 85
Effect 2 78
Effect 3 29

Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Purgatory Stab 1832 2 3664
Chaos Hell March 752 4 3008