Catastrophe (闇のカタストロフ Yami no Katasutorofu, lit. Dark Catastrophe?) is a spear-type weapon that has appeared in more than one episode of Dept. Heaven series.

In Yggdra Union, Catastrophe appeared as a lance that originally belonged to General Leon. This demonic spear greatly augments its wielder's combat abilities.

GEN +6
TEC +4
LUK +2
Lasts 1 Map
Equip Durant only (YU)
Effect [O] Dark attack UP
Location BF16, on Leon (YU); BF35, stealable from Leon (BU)

No unit gains Morale from this item.

Catastrophe is a low-level spear weapon in Knights in the Nightmare which is distinctive as being usable in either phase.

Catastrophe KitN sprite
Type Lance Knight
Element Darkness
Level 12
Law Attack Purgatory Stab
Chaos Attack Hell March
Effect 1 85
Effect 2 78
Effect 3 29

Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Purgatory Stab 1832 2 3664
Chaos Hell March 752 4 3008

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