Chapter 8 - The Underworld is the secret bonus chapter in Riviera: The Promised Land. It is unlocked by obtaining the Key to Hell in Mireno Cemetery.

The defining (and in the case of the GBA version, only) feature of this chapter is the battle with Hades. Defeating Hades will yield the Divine Scripture event item (after the battle, not as a battle reward) and will cause it to appear on a bookshelf in the Crystal Caverns in all subsequent playthroughs.

GBA version Edit

Ein and the Sprites are immediately thrust into a battle with Hades. For this chapter, the party always has fixed stats that are independent of the party's stats in other chapters.

Ein Fia Lina Serene Cierra
HP 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
STR 85 45 56 70 27
MGC 27 67 56 42 85
AGL 10 20 25 15 5
VIT 75 75 75 75 75

In addition, only one character needs to be 'Pleased' to obtain an S rank in that category when the chapter's score is tabulated. This is done by finishing Hades off with one of the girls.

PSP version Edit

The PSP version has two versions of the chapter available. In both cases, the chapter is extended compared to the GBA version, with battles and exploration before the actual encounter with Hades.

The first version is unlocked the usual way and features Ein and the Sprites.

The second version is unlocked by obtaining Rose's ending, and features Ein and Ledah. As with Chapter 1, Ledah can only use Lorelei and has his recovery and status immunities. However, Ein does not have his boosted immunities and stats from Chapter 1.

Trivia Edit

In this chapter, Ein and the Sprites have more VIT than possible in the main game.

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