Map of Valhala

The plotline of Riviera is progressed by playing each segment, which is known in game as chapters. Each of these chapters takes place in different places on the map of Riviera, and always ends with the party returning to Elendia after finishing the aim in each chapter. The place that the particular chapter's aim will be completed in is called a stage. Within each stage there are 10 different areas; at the start of every new area, there is a short description. Each area is broken into smaller segments, or rooms; every room typically shares a common backdrop.


Chapter 1 - Angelic Event (Heaven's Gate ~ Road to the Promised Land ~)

Chapter 2 - Pursuit of Truth (Lacrima ~ The Castle Bathed in Moonlight ~)

Chapter 3 - The Accursed (Nelde ~ Ancient Ruins Trapped Deep in the Forest ~)

Chapter 4 - Sunken Wisdom (Tetyth ~ The City of Lost Knowledge ~)

Chapter 5 - Eternal Beings (Mireno Cemetary ~ The Cemetary of Lurking Evil ~)

Chapter 6 - The Promised Land (Yggdrasil ~ The Sanctuary of Revered Wisdom ~)

Chapter 7 - Within the Darkness (Maze of Shadows ~ The Labyrinth of Eternal Darkness ~)

Chapter 8 - The Underworld

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