Cheer Bell (幸せのベル Shiawase no beru, lit. Good Fortune Bell?), also localized as Happiness Bell, is a recurring item in Dept. Heaven series.

The Cheer Bell is a battle item in Riviera: The Promised Land. It is used to reduce 75% of the Rage Meter. To acquire this item, the Fish must be sacrificed to Mursya in exchange after completing Stage 4.

Happiness Bell is a Sanctity-affined weapon in Knights in the Nightmare. It is the first item available for Priestesses, coming from the starting weapon set.

Happiness Bell
Happiness Bell KitN sprite
Type Priestess
Element Sanctity
Level 3
Chaos Attack Reverent Blast
Effect 1 68
Effect 2 10
Effect 3 67

Phase Name Damage Hits Total

Chaos Reverent Blast 132 14 1848

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