Treasure chests pepper Riviera: The Promised Land and can trigger various minigames. Often weapons are found in chests, but other items like status boosts and key items can be found. Chests almost always have traps which are to be completed successfully in order to prevent item loss, damage, or other negative effects.

Chests Edit

Type of Chests Description
Plain Chest A normal chest, no traps, no games, it just opens.
Empty Chest An open chest with no loot inside, already opened.
Blue Chest

A chest containing normal loot (weapons, items etc.). Usually have traps.

Green Chest Contains special/key items (extra content items, keys etc.).
Red Chest Contains nothing (confirmed in Parveeju)
Sinking Chest A chest sitting on wet terrain. Attempting to open it gets you wet and affects your inventory.
'Special' Chest A chest which can only be opened by a 'master thief'. Unopenable without the Thief Manual. Only one appears in Mireno Cemetery.

Trapped ChestsEdit

Trap Description
Arrow Trap Shoots an arrow at you, press 'A' at the right time and you won't receive slight percentile damage.
Poison Gas Sprays poison gas, press a sequence of buttons quickly within a time limit to avoid damage.
Freeze Gas Freezes you, press sequence of buttons within a time limit to prevent. Causes lost turns.
Magic Locks Seals the chest permanently unless a sequence of buttons is pressed in time (rhythm). Only encountered after meeting Cierra, as only she can open these chests.
Bombs Makes the chest explode and destroys loot unless the rhythm is followed correctly. Only encountered after meeting Serene.

The traps will scale in difficulty as the player progresses (less margin of error for the arrow trap, longer rhythm or command sequences, and more button taps).


  • When Ein says "This is...", you will get the item which name appears on screen when you press 'A/X'. However, the names alternate very quickly, so it is somewhat luck-based. 'Random item' Chests from the same chapter do not contain the same item lineup so a player going for maximum stats will have to choose carefully to get every item at least once.
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