Chester В. Zeston
Chester KitN sprite 2
Basic info
Kana ラツィー=D.ルーベンス
Romaji Ratsī D. Rūbensu
Location Scene 13
Key Item Mixing Glass

Chester (ラツィー Ratsī?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. He is Lutecia's sister.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Otto, A Sister's Lover: "He told me... my little sister was happy..."
  • On Otto, A Sister's Lover: "I appreciate Otto... But I've never told him that."
  • On Natalie, A Girl Like Her: "I saw a girl who looked like Lutecia... my sister."
  • On Natalie, A Girl Like Her: "I couldn't talk to her. In my heart, I'm just scared."
  • On Donald, A Bar Musician: "I memorized the song the bard played in the tavern."
  • On Olson, A Bookstore: "I bought a book, but it's difficult to understand..."
  • On Marvell, A Tavern Mistress: "Marvell always listened to my stupid complaining."
  • On Marvell, A Tavern Mistress: "I was drunk, but she would talk to me as they closed."
  • On Belinda, A Sweets Shop: "My sister loved the sweets at Belinda's shop."
  • On Cleo, A Travelling Lady: "I wonder what she thinks about as she travels..."
  • On Sven, A Painter: "I've no talent for the arts. I'm envious of him..."
  • "It's not like I was close to my sister, because..."
  • "It was an accident. And I couldn't do anything..."
  • "Maybe I'll bring some cookies to her grave..."
  • "The orders should take care of this. How hard is it?"
  • "I used to be so angry... It's embarrassing now."
  • "I hear crime is on the rise in the kingdom..."
  • "I was so shocked when I heard my sister died..."
  • "Just send the knights. That's the easiest way."
  • "I've been wandering. I think I need a real job."
  • "I should go back home before winter comes..."
  • "The foliage of Saint Celestina is dying..."
  • "I'm done being stubborn. For my sister's sake..."
  • "My parents never got along. I've always been running..."
  • "I hear the spring water from the lake town is good."
  • "There must be a reason that we aren't safe anymore..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I'd like to have... my own shop some day..."
  • "I'd like to open a bar in the corner of town."
  • "My hobby is to make recipes for cocktails."
  • "I'll work toward having my own shop someday..."
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