Clover Light is a scythe-type weapon that appears exclusively in the PSP port of Yggdra Union for Mistel only. It is acquired in BF32 only when the Glitter Ashes and Four-Leaf Clover are in the inventory; it is obtained from the same village in which the the player may also obtain Mjollnir/Mjollnil. Total REP must have a value of 25 or higher upon visit, and the village must be visited at either evening or noon.

GEN +7
ATK +7
TEC +7
LUK +7
Lasts 1 Map
Equip Mistel only
Effect [O] Critical 50%
Location BF32

Morale DataEdit

Yggdra 3000
Milanor 5000
Durant 3000
Nietzsche 5000
Roswell 5000
Rosary 5000
Russell 3000
Cruz 3000
Elena 5000
Mistel 9000
Pamela 7000