Colt Corbin Siegel
"Even at this age, my father intimidates me..."
Knight of Aventheim
Title Passionate Youth
Kana コルツ=コナ=シーガル
Romaji Korutsu Kona Shīgaru
Japanese Name Colts Conna Seagull
Race Elvale
Sex Male
Age 20
Order 2nd
Unit Class Archer
Element Neutral
Level 13
Encountered Scene 15
Item Father's Note
Route Mellia
Colt, also known as Colts is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 13
VIT 12
L.I 25
C.I 49
LOY 57%

Website DescriptionEdit

He was born into a noble family, but didn't share the knightly aspiration for his kind. Despite his feelings of inferiority, he is well-liked and fairly care-free.

Tome DescriptionEdit

"At a very young age, his father, Gaston, made it very clear that Colt's older brother, Gieche, was his favorite son. This gave Colt an intense inferiority complex and has driven him to be the best he can be in every area of his life. This even extends to the arts, where Colt is recognized as a very talented singer. Despite having never struck up a conversation with Bailey, he views him as a kindred spirit."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Gieche, An Older Brother: "I'm proud of my brother. He's brilliant."
  • On Gieche, An Older Brother: "My brother Gieche can do anything. But not me..."
  • On Gieche, An Older Brother: "It's so much pressure to sit next to greatness."
  • "I'm pretty aloof, as you can plainly see. Hahaha."
  • On Gaston, A Scary Father: "I wanted to sing, but my father didn't allow it..."
  • On Gaston, A Scary Father: "Ugh... Thinking about my father upsets my stomach."
  • On Irma, A Calming Person: "She's a geographer. You'd think she'd get lost less."
  • On Irma, A Calming Person: "She has her moments, but she's a dependable girl."
  • On Irma, A Calming Person: "Talking to Irma really eases my tension."
  • On Crozeph, A Good Writer: "I heard a woman in the 4th Order is a great writer."
  • "I may look grown up, but my father still scares me."
  • "I never liked family gatherings..."
  • On Sofine, A Wealthy Girl: "I hear Sofine's family lives in a giant house..."
  • On Bailey, A Kindred Spirit: "I bet I could be good friends with Bailey."
  • On Bailey, A Kindred Spirit: "Maybe we'd have sympathy for being born failures."
  • "It seems Prince Nordich's party doesn't like Tiamats."
  • "What's so different about the Tiamats and us?"
  • "I didn't become a knight because I wanted to.
  • "I think I'd be more useful singing than fighting."
  • "Nordich's followers are both racist and elitist."
  • "I don't see much difference between the Tiamats and us."
  • "It's a miracle I was able to become a knight..."
  • "I love singing. Care to hear? Da-ta dum ta dum..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • On Gaston, A Scary Father: "My dad... wrote me a letter?"
  • "...Thank you. I will keep this safe."


  • "You think I'll be able to help you?"

Level Up:Edit

  • "Maybe my father will see me differently now..."
  • "Well, getting stronger couldn't be a bad thing."
  • "I feel a little more confident..."
  • "I think I can work harder now."


  • "I knew this would happen..."
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