The Conversion Menu serves as a pause screen for Knights in the Nightmare, but it has other functions which the player may use to their advantage. The Conversion Menu displays the current turn and objective of the Scene at the top of the screen, with three options listed below. The Conversion Menu will also let the player know which Effect is next in line to activate if there are any items that have effects.

Time for MP/EXPEdit

The first two options are "Time for MP" and "Time for EXP", listed in that order. When selected they will convert all remaining time into MP or Experience Points respectively. The amount allocated is proportionate to the amount of time remaining. If no time has been used, the player will be awarded the maximum amount of points possible toward whichever conversion they chose.

Effect TreeEdit

The Effect Tree will list all effects that can occur in battle linked to the items that were brought in during the current turn.