The Coral Spear is an item that appears in the Yggdra Union sub series.

A three-pronged coral spear used by Embellia warriors.

The Coral Spear is obtained as Nietzsche's default weapon, but only through special means. On Battle Field 06, move a unit down to the southernmost tip of the map, and it will expand, revealing two more villages. She, of course, is in the one that can be reached on foot; only through this method of recruitment can you obtain the Coral Spear.

ATK +4
TEC +4
Lasts 2 Maps
Equip Nietzsche only
Effect [O] Morale UP 15% on water
Location BF06

Morale RestorationEdit

  • Nietzsche: 5000
  • Elena: 1000

Coming Soon

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