Cornela N.Z. Julius
"We should never expect too much from life. Just be thankful to be alive."
Knight of Aventheim
Title Waning Moon
Kana コーネリア=N.Z.ユリウス
Romaji Kōneria N.Z. Yuriusu
Japanese Name Cornelia N. Z. Julius
Race Balmore
Sex Female
Age 22
Order 2nd
Unit Class Duelist
Element Darkness
Level 17
Encountered Scene 14
Item Pressed Flower
Route Mellia

Cornela, also known as Cornelia is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 17
VIT 32
L.I 72
C.I 81
LOY 62%

Website DescriptionEdit

A beautiful woman, admired for her sincerity. However, she harbors a deep secret, and many can tell that all is not right with her.

Tome Description Edit

"Soft-spoken but never weak or timid, Cornela secretly harbors a fatal illness that very few of people know about. A lot of her free time is spent listening to Fritz's stories, and she looks up to Freiber with great admiration. She is the granddaughter of Roberta, and those around her regard her as a sincere and beautiful young woman."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Fritz, An Energetic Man: "Sir Fritz always cheers me up."
  • On Fritz, An Energetic Man: "Sir Fritz is so nice. He always tells funny stories."
  • On Roberta, A Grandmother: "...I'm okay."
  • On Roberta, A Grandmother: "My Grandmother is worried about my illness..."
  • On Roberta, A Grandmother: "As long as my grandmother is healthy, I feel fine."
  • On Theonil, A Kind Man: "He gave me advice once."
  • On Theonil, A Kind Man: "He's so friendly, I can tell him anything..."
  • On Theonil, A Kind Man: "It saddens me that I didn't tell him the truth..."
  • On Diora, An Inspiration: "She's so proud of her life... I want that..."
  • On Walder, An Expectant One: "Sir Walder... is overestimating me."
  • On Lyzz, An Inquisitor: "People ask how I stay so calm... I don't know..."
  • On Freiber, A Superior: "I don't want to put any burden on my superiors..."
  • On Freiber, A Superior: "I'll stay with the knights until... the end..."
  • On Freiber, A Superior: "If he knew the truth, he'd surely discharge me..."
  • "I mustn't forget to smile under any circumstances."
  • "I don't have many needs, because I have what I want."
  • "Has the death of the king changed the grand marshal?"
  • "In ancient times, were the Tiamats the rulers?"
  • "We have many similarities to the Tiamats I think..."
  • "Wings... I wish I had them..."
  • "The horns and wings of a Tiamat are beautiful.
  • "I think it's enough to serve as a knight..."
  • "The Tiamats lived here long before us."
  • "Our culture is different, but there're similarities."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I've loved pressing flowers since I was a girl."
  • "They die quickly, but flowers heal the heart."


  • "I believe this is something I can help you with."

Level Up:Edit

  • "I accept this with thanks."
  • "I never thought I'd live to see this..."
  • "I won't waste this power."
  • "We are capable of much if we put our lives in it..."


  • "I see... This is most unfortunate..."

Dying in battleEdit

  • "We all die... It's only a matter of who goes first..."
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