Cougar G. Sheridan
Knight of Aventheim
Title Steel Mastiff
Kana クーガー=G.シェリダン
Romaji Kūgā G. Sheridan
Japanese Name Couger G. Sheridan
Race Rondalia
Sex Male
Age 28
Order 8th
Unit Class Warrior
Element Sanctity
Level 32
Encountered Scene 28
Item Ripped Bandana
Route Mellia
Cougar, also known as Couger is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. He serves as an attendant and a bodyguard to Prince Nordich.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 32
VIT 23
L.I 51
C.I 61
LOY 48%

Tome DescriptionEdit

"Due to his eagerness to charge headlong into the frontlines, he has acquired an impressive array of battle scars. He is not the brightest knight in the order, but he has a heart of gold. Cougar looks after Oryze very closely, and he knows of Piche's feelings for Prince Nordich."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Rosa, A Bold Lady: "It's good that someone as bold as her tends to Piche."
  • On Rosa, A Bold Lady: "I think Rosa is pretty bold. In a good way!"
  • On Oryze, A Pitied Child: "Oryze must not know what it's like to be a child."
  • On Oryze, A Pitied Child: "I don't know if it's better to know more, or nothing."
  • On Wurger, A Weird Guard: "I met some ironclad fellow at the castle, but..."
  • On Rudolf, Magda's Husband: "Rudolf scolded me about neglecting my armor."
  • On Gene, An Armorer's Son: "Rudolf told me about some great armor shop."
  • "This wound? I don't even remember how I got it."
  • On Piche, A Granddaughter: "When she talks about the prince, she blushes!"
  • On Piche, A Granddaughter: "During a hunt, the prince apparently saved Piche."
  • On Piche, A Granddaughter: "Just look at her and you'll know she likes the prince."
  • On Nordich, Our Prince: "The prince put his life on the line to save Piche."
  • "I guess my looks tend to scare people."
  • "I'll clear a path for you!"
  • "I'm a low-ranking warrior. I wish I could do more."
  • "This moustache is my life."
  • "I can't help but try and stop them. It's too sad."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "It's a great accessory, no matter how you slice it."
  • "I never go into battle without this thing."


  • "You're hiring me? Alright! I'm on fire now! Watch me!"

Level Up:Edit

  • "Don't forget how much my soul burns!"
  • "Alright! I feel like my old self now!"
  • "Wow, I feel so renewed!"
  • "I'm curious. What level is everyone else now?"


  • "Well if you don't like me, I'll just leave, I guess..."
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