The wings of a black bat from Lacrima Castle. Obtained by defeating it in Sentry Tower.
After UseEdit
The wings of a black bat from Lacrima Castle. Ein gave them to NaNa, who was looking for ingredients.
Bat Wings

The Dark Bat Wings is an Event Item from Riviera: The Promised Land. This is used as a trade item for a stat boost for Ein, and can be difficult to obtain without multiple retries.

Acquirement Method: On the third screen of Lacrima Castle's Sentry Tower, there will be a fluttering bat; in order to obtain the Dark Bat Wings, you must have the Rock item obtained in Wilhelm Bluff. When prompted, throw the rock at the bat, and you will be required to succeed in a slider Minigame in order to obtain this item. Note that the sweet spot in the game is marginally small, which may result in numerous retries before one succeeds.

Function: Submit this item to NaNa in the Magic Guild of Crystal Cavern in return for a permanent boost +20 in HP.

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