Darshan Teno Eh Crow
Knight of Aventheim
Title Pure of Mind
Kana ダルシャーン=テノス=エ=クロウ
Romaji Darushān Tenosu E Kurou
Japanese Name Darshaan Tenos et Crow
Race Amartia
Sex Female
Age 25
Order 8th
Unit Class Lance Knight
Element Fire
Level 44
Encountered Scene 40
Item Legendary Harp
Route Mellia

Darshan, also known as Darshaan is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. She can be recruited only in Mellia's story in Scene 40 by using the Legendary Harp.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 44
VIT 38
L.I 61
C.I 75
LOY 29%

Tome Description Edit

She is a sharp-tounged girl with no desire to get involved in other people's affairs. Darshan has great respect for General Vishna, but she has no tolerance for Yelma or the Cardinal. Secretly, she feels that she is no match for Silvano, and this worries her for some reason. Unbeknownst to her comrades, she is very skilled at playing the harp.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Belta, A Talented Girl: "Belta seems to have an amazing talent."
  • On Belta, A Talented Girl: "Other people's skills don't concern me."
  • On Carena, A Difficult Lady: "It's hard to make conversation with Carena."
  • On Carena, A Difficult Lady: "I don't know why she's so worried about things."
  • On Schweiz, A Cross Person: "Learn from strengths and improve on weaknesses."
  • On Schweiz, A Cross Person: "To think. back then, I used to be like that."
  • On Vishna, A Superior: "Vishna is a veteran. She has passed many trials."
  • On Vishna, A Superior: "Her orders demand precision, but are doable."
  • "The kingdom is crumbling from the inside. Why...?"
  • On Yelma, A Power Seeker: "What is Yelma thinking? She has too many faces."
  • On Yelma, A Power Seeker: "Yelma's attitude toward the cardinal is detestable."
  • On Yelma, A Power Seeker: "That witch kneels before no man. Not even Capehorn."
  • "Cardinal Capehorn... He's a pitiful man."
  • "Cardinal Capehorn has his hands full with Yelma."
  • "Cardinal Capehorn is having a tough time with Yelma."
  • "The 3rd Order is too selfish to cooperate."
  • "Without cooperation, the kingdom will fall."
  • "In truth, I could never take orders from Capehorn."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "It's been years since I last played."
  • "Instruments are nice. They can speak for you."


  • "If my soul can be of use, then I offer my service."

Level Up:Edit

  • "I'll ensure that I live up to your expectations."
  • "Er... Uh-um... N-Never mind!"
  • "I'll continue to better myself for you."
  • "I won't waste it!"


  • "I was not as useful as I'd hoped to be..."
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