Delay is a gameplay element used in Gungnir. Delay is the amount of time it will take before a unit is able to move again after performing an action. For the player, however, Delay will prolong the amount of time on the Action Sequence before their turn comes up again. Delay is accumulated based on a character's actions, such as how far they move, whether or not they wait, or the action performed.

How it WorksEdit

Each unit has their base/initial Delay which can be seen on their stat page; if the unit's base delay is 3, then doing anything with that unit will push back their turn by three by default. The Ace, however, can decrease this value for certain units, which can allow for the player's turn to come around more often. Moving a unit will increase its delay by one (1) for each step until the number of steps taken exceed their base Del; if a unit with a base of 3 moves four spaces, the total Del will be 6. Finally, the delay caused by an action will be added to the unit's move; the amount depends on the action being performed. The player can check the Delay of any action by examining the unit's equipment; hover the cursor over any unit and press Triangle twice, then highlight the Action and press the Select button to view.

Enemy UnitsEdit

Enemies ignore the basic delay rules for movement and actions; instead, there are two red E icons on the Action Sequence that govern them. The one with the smaller value is applied only when a unit moves and does not act. The one with the greater value is applied to their actions. These values decrease slightly each time one of their units is lost, which will allow the remaining ones to act more often.

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