A legendary crystal which the White Butterflies found in the Crystal Caverns.
A legendary crystal found in the Crystal Caverns. Chappi forged the Silvia spear with it.
Diamond Teardrop

The Diamond Teardrop is an Event Item in Riviera: The Promised Land. It is found in the Crystal Cavern after finishing the Tetyth stage.

  • Acquirement Method: This item requires that you release the White Butterflies captured in Nelde Ruins into Crystal Cavern. After returning from Tetyth, return to the Crystal Cavern and the butterflies will have discovered the crystal; simply examine to obtain the Diamond Teardrop.
  • Function: Before progressing to the next stage, sacrifice the Diamond Teardrop along with any spears in your Inventory to Chappi in order to obtain the Silvia.
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