Diane Kui Algren
Basic info
Kana ダーダネーラ=クイ=アルグレン
Romaji Dādanēra Kui Aruguren
Location Scene 32
Key Item Incense Pot


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Oryze, A Dear Student: "I pounded all the knowledge I had into Oryze."
  • On Oryze, A Dear Student: "I often wonder why a young girl like that must fight."
  • On Carlette, A Kind Maid: "Many seem to look up to her as a mother."
  • On Leane, A Busy Head Maid: "She seemed tired, so I recommended the rosemary."
  • On Leane, A Busy Head Maid: "I guess even Leane has someone she admires."
  • On Gieche, A Great Warrior: "Sir Gieche is a knight the kingdom can boast of."
  • On Lucana, A Clumsy New Maid: "I'm worried about that one..."
  • On Lucana, A Clumsy New Maid: "Schweiz seems to have had enough of Lucana's errors."
  • On Alfred, A Mystery Knight: "I feel a sort of... unnaturalness about him."
  • On Merrick, A New Maid: "She was bored, so I recommended reading."
  • On Merrick, A New Maid: "I think she's been getting into mystery novels lately."
  • On Bergman, A Knight: "Hehehe, a knight couldn't take his eyes off Merrick."
  • On Capehorn, Those of Distrust: "It looked more like a ritual than a funeral..."
  • On Wilmgard, A Fallen King: "The King has already passed away... Yet..."
  • On Wilmgard, A Fallen King: "I feel the king's death was a heinous conspiracy..."
  • On Zolgonark, An Alien Force: "The ritual was cut short, and the monsters..."
  • "It takes wisdom and manners to truly become a knight."
  • "I do not teach those without potential."
  • "Nothing like this has happened in all my years."
  • "We cannot dismiss these events as a power struggle."
  • "What is going to happen...?"
  • "Perhaps it's-- No... It's all too late."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Burning incense in the quiet of night relaxes me."
  • "The scent of lavender is good when you can't sleep."
  • "I feel relaxed when I'm surrounded by fragrances."
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