Distant Shadow is a special skill found in Gungnir that rakes an entire row ranging 3 tiles and absorbs a fraction of the damage inflicted as health for the user. It is linked to Gungnir.

Stat DataEdit


  • Type: Melee Attack
  • Affinity: Null


  • Delay: 8
  • Casting Time: 0


  • Range: Swath - The three tiles directly ahead of the user (the tile in front, in addition to the ones left and right of it). [---]
  • Target: Row in front.
  • Height Range: +2
  • Vector: None


  • Basic Power: 0
  • Tactics Power: 233
  • Ailment Inflict %: Curse
  • Special Effect(s):
    • Absorb HP: Heals the user with the amount being proportionate to the damage inflicted; roughly 50%.
    • Near Death 50%: Deals half the damage to targets with Critical HP.
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