Beast King Dotaurus
Dotaurus Mugshot
KitN Enemy
Class Savage
HP (Easy) 12100
HP (Medium) 24200
HP (Hard) 48400
HP (Nightmare) {{{hp4}}}
EXP 442500
Level 83
Move Ground
Key Item Beast Horn
Encountered Scene 20
Bullet I Death Flagellum
Bullet II Needle Swarm

Dotaurus (獣王ダウタロス Jūō Dautarosu, lit. Dautalos, King of beasts?) is a boss in Knights in the Nightmare. It is fought in Scene 20 alongside his pet, Garm.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Zolgonark, His Master: "I must follow Lord Zolgonark's orders!"
  • On Zolgonark, His Master: "I cannot defy my lord!"
  • "It is my duty to protect this place..."
  • "Finally, one who appears to have a spine..."
  • "You fool! Do you think you can defeat me?"
  • On Garm, His Beloved Pet: "My loyal hound will tear you to pieces!"
  • On Garm, His Beloved Pet: "You shall be Garm's next meal!"
  • "I will crush you with a single strike!"
  • "You do not fear for your life..."
  • "I don't know who you are, but you are a fool..."
  • "I will never give in!"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Give me those horns...!"
  • "Gwhaaahaaaa!"
  • "Ghhhh! That is mine!"


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