The Dragon Fang is a scythe weapon for Mistel that appears exclusively in the PSP port of Yggdra Union. It is found in the same location as its counterpart (the Dragon Eater) in the village above the player's starting location in BF26. In order to acquire the Dragon Fang, Mistel must visit the aforementioned village during either noon or evening hours instead of Milanor; also, the player's accumulative REP must be 20 pts or higher. These two dragon-slaying weapons are mutually exclusive and both cannot be obtained in one playthrough. It's recommended to go for the Dragon Fang only if the player has a well-trained Mistel.

GEN +2
ATK +2
TEC +1
Lasts 3 Maps
Equip Mistel only
Effect [O] > Dragon
Location BF26

Morale DataEdit

Yggdra 0000
Milanor 2000
Durant 2000
Nietzsche 1000
Roswell 2000
Rosary 2000
Russell 1000
Cruz 0000
Elena 0000
Kylier -
Gordon -
Mistel 5000
Pamela 2000
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